About Chef Scott Creole BBQ

Chef Scott Creole BBQ is a passion project turned successful food truck business that specializes in mouthwatering Creole barbecue dishes. With Chef Scott’s culinary skills and love for all things barbecue, he has created a menu that showcases the unique flavors and spices of Creole cuisine, combined with the smoky goodness of perfectly grilled meats.

At Chef Scott Creole BBQ, we believe that food is not just a way to satisfy hunger, but a way to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences. Our goal is to provide our customers with not only delicious food but also a joyful dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Our Food

We take pride in sourcing the freshest ingredients for our dishes. From slow-cooked meats to flavorful sauces and sides, every item on our menu reflects our commitment to quality and taste. Whether you’re craving a juicy pulled pork sandwich, tender smoked ribs, or spicy jambalaya, Chef Scott Creole BBQ has something to satisfy every appetite.

A Mobile Culinary Experience

Convenient and Flexible

Passionate and Authentic